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This study is for English Discussion, Debate, and Presentation.

This study has been organized for more than 3 and a half years as of now and it has become an amazing place to meet other people and make friends. Usually, there are 20+ people coming to the study, and our study members have various backgrounds. We have one rule for our study group that we always talk and speak in English.




Time: 6:00pm~8:20pm

Location: Sinchon




1.    Discussion: Read the 2~3 latest articles from Bloomberg, BBC, Korea Herald, Joongang Daily, The Economist, etc. Topics are very diverse as well.

2.    Presentation: Make 3-6 min presentation during which we can practice our speech in front of people as well as listen to other people’s presentation.


3.     1) Debate: Divide into teams of pros and cons to have debate upon various topics 

Or  2) Casual talks : Talk with other study members with given topics and questions


(Debate is the main one for the third session, but the option of casual talk session has been created for people who wouldn’t want intense debate for the day.)


*You may attend whichever session you would like to join(you can be late for the study), but you’d better join on time for your first day.



You have to contact the study leader first in the application format to join the studygroup.

[Contact Info]

kakaotalk ID:  limjinwoo1 ,  E-mail : limsangjin1@hanmail.net


*When you are contacting us, please include the following info (in English)


1.  Name

2.  English proficiency (Foreign experience, English test score, etc.)

3.  Reasons of applying for this study


[More Information]

*Recommended English proficiency requirement (Satisfy one of the following requirements)

1.    920+ in TOEIC

2.    105+ in TOEFL

3.    7.5+ in IELTS

4.   800+ in TEPS

5.    1+ year of abroad experience



*Native speakers or foreigners can also join since this study is not only to keep up our fluency but also have profound knowledge and discussion as well as fun with others.

*There are already a lot of fluent and knowledgeable members. Thus, you will be able to socialize with great people in the study. In addition, the leader was a Speaker in TEDx KesawanSquare.



*We divide into small number of groups during our sessions, so you don’t worry about your chance to speak. And, this study is not for profit and each will pay 5,000 won for using the rooms and place.


*Rather than having many inquiries, we just recommend you to come to the study and try it out. You don’t need to prepare anything when you come to the study; just yourself.


* Hang-out


We hang out afterwards and socialise with each other and drink. We occasionally go for playing some games as well. (air hockey, basketball, hand soccer, pool, dart, curling )

Regular monthly hang-out(English-speaking) is organized for any kind of fun activities on weekday.


*Lastly, please note that there is a very strict rule: we talk only in English among study members, even when we hang out for fun.

Please come to us !

Thank you :)

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